Pool excavation is the central and most challenging part of building a pool. It requires proper planning and execution to avoid problems down the track. It is a messy process that requires heavy machinery and the expertise of professional pool builders. There are several things to consider before digging a pool.

What to Consider Before Digging A Pool

Digging A Pool Involves:

  • Soil testing
  • Digging
  • Use of heavy machinery
  • Cleaning up

Here are things you need to consider when planning a pool excavation before breaking ground;

Obtain a building permit

In most towns, a building permit is a must-have when you intend to construct a pool. Contact your local municipality for guidelines and required fees.

Determine the distance of the pool from the house

It would help if you observed regulations about how close to your house the pool needs to be to prevent electrical problems. Lay the pool’s shape on the ground first with measurements before beginning the dig.

Disposing of soil

Pool excavation generates excess soil that you need to determine how to dispose. You can hire the services of professionals who can dispose of the soil in landfills or other appropriate disposal facilities.

Make way for big machinery

If the entrance to your home is small, it will help to make way for heavy machines and disposal trucks to access the excavation site.

Determine if you need soil stabilization

It is vital to test your soil to determine if digging a pool will undermine your home’s or neighboring properties’ integrity. If there is a risk, you must undertake a soil stabilization process before starting the pool excavation process.

Final Thoughts

Contact us to get an estimate if you plan on constructing a pool and require excavation services.

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