Driveways are frequently ignored until they require maintenance. A damaged driveway can cause damage to your vehicle, especially if you drive over it frequently. If you don’t fix a damaged driveway, then you may end up paying for repairs later down the road. And while most people know how to fix a flat tire, many don’t know how to repair a driveway. 

That’s why Grizzly Dirt offers a Driveway Repair service! Whether you need your driveway patched up, demolished, or a gravel driveway installed, our professional crew can get the job done fast! Don’t make the mistake of waiting to get your driveway fixed; we’ll talk with you to figure out your budget and to get your driveway back in shape. 

Existing Driveway Demolition

Existing concrete removal is a difficult process that calls for specialized tools and knowledge. There are also considerable risks associated with the task. That’s why relying on a professional crew is a safer idea. However, choosing just any demolition crew won’t cut it. You’ll need a team that has all the correct experience and expertise to get the job done successfully. Here at Grizzly Dirt, our demolition crew has over 30 years of combined experience. We can handle any project no matter the size and have the correct equipment required! 

Asphalt Removal

Removing asphalt can be a tricky thing to do. It can be done manually using shovels or rakes or by using machines that use heat to melt the asphalt away. This process is super time-consuming and can cost you a lot of energy and money. However, hiring our experienced crew will make the process easy and stress-free for you. Whether you need to remove an asphalt driveway or an entire parking lot we can get it done for you in no time. 

Grading for Asphalt or Concrete Install

If you’re starting the process of having a new driveway installed, your desired construction area will have to undergo land grading first. One of the most crucial steps in installing a driveway is land grading. Your driveway won’t last or function properly without proper grading. You may have drainage problems as well as a finished product with reduced durability and a shorter lifespan. A good foundation ensures the best start for your concrete or asphalt drive.

Gravel Driveway Installation

Gravel is one of the most common paving materials for driveways and its popularity is due to its cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. After proper grading, a gravel driveway is relatively easy and quick to install, so you don’t have to wait around to use it. And, with various color and material options, gravel makes for a versatile way to customize your driveway to enhance and complement the appearance of your home. 

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Grizzly Dirt offers services ranging from driveway repair, to demolition, removal, and even installation! Our team will talk with you to figure out exactly what’s necessary to get your driveway in tip-top shape! Contact us today and check out the other services we offer for all your excavation and land service needs!

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