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Digging Pools in Coppell, TX

You’ve spent weeks or months designing your new pool. You’re happy with the layout you’ve envisioned with your designer and you’re ready to get started. It seems like such a simple thing – you need someone to dig out the dirt at your pool site. But hiring the wrong pool excavation contractor can cause delays and add unplanned costs to your pool plans. Be sure you choose a reliable, experienced Coppell pool excavation company.

Grizzly Dirt is licensed, insured, and experienced – 10+ years! We make sure all the boxes get checked to ensure a smooth experience and a perfect fit for your new pool. We know the Coppell soil and can anticipate many problems in advance. A good excavation contractor will be aware of:

  • Soil composition
  • Utility obstructions
  • Other physical obstructions (fences, ditches, low clearance areas, etc)
  • Necessary permits
  • Space and terrain
  • Most appropriate equipment to use
  • Safety
Coppell pool digging

Excavating for Pools, Spas & Ponds in Coppell

No matter the size of your Coppell pool excavation project, Grizzly Dirt gets it done. From small spas to olympic sized pools, from landscape ponds to fishing ponds, Grizzly Dirt has the equipment and experience to dig out your dirt efficiently and safely. Did you know? If your excavation contractor does a poor job of digging your pool or removing the soil, it can cost you more in concrete, gunite, or other pool building materials to fix the issues. Who you choose matters.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

I cannot recommend them enough. We have hired Grizzly Dirt multiple times and are always completely satisfied with the results. If you have excavation or land clearing needs, call Grizzly Dirt!
Richard Dickens
I recommend Grizzly for everything from new foundations and construction, to driveway grading and filling, to trench digging. I was very happy with both the quality of work and the fair pricing.
Ben Randal

Our Pool Excavation Process

Preparing to dig your new pool is as important as designing it. The more efficiently it’s done, the fewer issues there are later in the building process. That’s why we check (and doublecheck) all the boxes. Ready to start the excavation process and get the pool you’ve been dreaming of? Contact Grizzly Dirt today to set up your consultation. We’re licensed and insured, with over 10 years of experience. Family owned and operated, we work to a higher standard: ours. Remember, it’s more than just a hole in the ground; it’s the foundation for years of outdoor enjoyment. Make sure your pool excavation is done right.

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